First Car Photo Shoot

Myself and a small group of friends decided to turn a WhatsApp chat group into something with a bit more structure. The Aim, to bring like minded individuals together to socialize and get away from the daily routines of life.

It has thus become a club and the name chosen is Enthusiast Drivers Club. As the name suggests, the main focus is on cars and the culture surrounding it. It’s not all about the cars though. Since the group started on WhatsApp as a social group, EDC has regular get togethers where we socialize over a barbecue, go-karts or whatever the occasion calls for.

We had our first proper photo shoot recently, with a small turn out but hopefully if we do one in the future it will be bigger. The following pictures were taken by me with a cellphone camera.

The best thing about EDC is it’s variety. There is no bias toward a specific car brand.

Video of the Shoot
Basically how it works is, being a car enthusiast comes first, what ever car you choose to own as a result of that passion is entirely up to you.
This was February’s event which was delayed and in a few weeks time we are having our March event. As always I’m looking to the next one 😁


Red light for Killarney?

WILL IT END?: ENCA has filmed a video about residents complaining about the noise pollution coming from Killarney race track outside Cape Town. Image: Youtube

Every few years residents surrounding the Killarney Race Track just outside Cape Town complain about the noise pollution coming from the track.

eNews Channel Africa (ENCA) spoke to some residents who have a difficult time dealing with the noise being emitted from the track on race days and nights. They also interviewed some racers and spectators at the track. Hear what they had to say in the video.

Watch the video

The Killarney circuit might only be about 53 years old, but its racing heritage dates back to 1928 – long before any of the development took place around it. When the track was built many years ago, it was about the only thing that side of the Cape and far away from any residential areas.

Over the years, housing projects and developments have grown closer and closer around it yet fingers are pointed at an institution that has been there for decades. It’s the only race track in Cape Town to accompany various motorsport racing, with Friday night events such as Street2Strip being implemented in a bid to get illegal racing off the streets.

Should Killarney see the end of its days or should the residents think twice about complaining since they chose to live in an area around a noisy race track?

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Bioshock Infinite is a Metacommentary on the Nature of Video Game Storytelling


I’m going to spoil a lot of Bioshock Infinite for all of you, so beware this blog post if you’re planning on playing this game. 

Bioshock Infinite is a game about a lot of things.

Religious zealotry, American Exceptionalism, theories of space-time and interdimensionality, patriotic jingoism, the inevitability of economic disparity, Occupy Wall Street, colonialism, and problems faced by political radicalism. While few of these plot threads arrive at a productive conclusion, it piques interest, causes uncanny discomfort, and provokes conversation and interpretation within its colorful fan community.

However, my view on the meaning of Bioshock Infinite, which has conflicted with the interpretations of the many friends that I have discussed the game with, involves a subtle level of self-reflexivity that I saw pervading the game’s entirety. Bioshock Infinite is about the nature of narrative in games and the conflicts between emergent and fixed narrative, returning to the conflicts between…

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